Most fixtures have been tested and rated by UL (Underwriters Laboratory). The simplest explanation for the different UL ratings for fixtures is the amount of moisture they can withstand. Using the correct rated fixture is a necessity for the safety of both you and your family. Incorrect usage can result in fires or electrocution. Installing the appropriate fixture for each location will also prolong its longevity, saving you money. • Dry rated fixtures are not designed to come into direct contact with water. That said, dry rated fixtures are used in bathrooms (excluding showers) because finished indoor spaces are considered dry locations. • Damp rated fixtures can withstand moisture and condensation, but not direct contact with water. They are usually used outdoors under a covered patio or in a utility room. • Wet rated fixtures are made with waterproof seals and engineered to withstand direct contact with water. For that reason, they are almost exclusively used outdoors. Landscape lighting, patio lights, and post lights are examples of where wet rated fixtures are used. Make sure you purchase your fixtures from a reputable supplier or manufacturer. Check the labels for the correct UL Standard for its intended use. If there is no UL rating on the label, assume it is dry rated only.