If you read our last blog, Self Storage’s Most Important Security Feature, you now understand your facility’s lighting is a top priority for safety. But, what’s the best, most cost-effective way to light up your self-storage facility? Where is it important to install lighting and where is it wasting money and energy? We can create photometrics and 3D renderings of your facility that will answer those questions and more before you even start your project or LED retrofit. With these tools in hand, you will be able to perfectly plan and position the facility's indoor and outdoor lighting to precision. Properly position lighting and make the most of energy-saving strategies. What do people experience anytime they are approaching and gaining access to the facility? What about your external lighting? Make sure anytime customers visit the facility at nighttime, there is enough light is in order to lead them through the parking lot to the entrance. By enhancing your entry and parking-lot lighting, you’ll ensure your current and potential tenants view your facility as safe and secure. For facilities that are available 24 hours, you must decide if you want to keep lighting on overnight. You could save money with motion sensors, but the loss of perceived safety when lights are off and facility is dark isn’t normally something we recommend. There are 2 methods that can increase lighting efficiency while decreasing energy costs in the interior of the facility. First is to switch to LED lighting. They will add the least cost to your utility bill and they won’t flicker like the outdated fluorescent lights. Next, utilize motion sensors. Use them in the areas people go to only occasionally, like a 2nd floor. This will save money and energy. To avoid the occurrence of lighting turning on and off as you walk down a hall, set the sensors to light up the whole floor or space at the same time. Position motion detectors around the perimeter of your building in tandem with your security cameras. The cameras will trigger the lights to turn on anytime there’s movement and allow the surveillance cameras to record any kind of vital information. State-of-the-art self-storage lighting will result in increased security s well as an inviting, worry-free customer experience. Priority Lighting would love to help you create your lighting plan, supply superior quality lighting, and even help you apply for utility rebates! Priority Lighting “For All Your Lighting Needs” 800-709-1119 www.PriorityLighting.com