Priority Lighting uses technology that many lighting companies either do not offer or charge their clients for – 3D photometric renderings. With this advanced technology and our experienced team members, we are able to produce renderings that mimic and predict lighting outcomes in various scenarios, both visually and numerically. These reports allow us to evaluate the luminaire performance. Photometric renderings give us the ability to analyze whether lighting is being wasted or more is needed. They also help to ensure that the lighting is compliant with your city’s Dark Sky requirements. These mandates usually include restrictions in the amount of output (lumens) installed lighting is allowed, light trespass boundaries, along with footcandle and color temperature maximums. Professional planning by Priority Lighting will assist the project in passing the city’s certification process. These rules apply to both new and existing facilities that require retrofitting. For these existing structures, we are the go-to LED retrofit company. There is no disputing the fact that LEDs outlast and outperform other bulbs. LEDs save energy and money, which increases overall ROI. Some estimate that LED lighting consumes 80% less energy. Since it is said that lighting accounts for 20%-30% of global electricity use, contact us and make the switch to LED today! 800-709-1119 or visit