Watt are the new changes in CFL and LED?

As of September 30th 2014, manufactures now must adhere to the new Energy Star standards for V1.0. Both technologies alike, LED and CFL, have their own specific requirements, but now have some similarities.

Some Recent changes include:

CFL lamps must now have minimum lumen requirements that meet the same level as LED Both CFL and LED lumen are the same, meeting the minimum efficacy Decorative CFL’s have a higher and specific minimum lumen output required The CRI (Color Rendering Index) for CFL and LED are more stringent CFL light bulbs must meet a minimum life hours of 10,000 hours

In turn, this means you may be seeing CFL light bulbs undergoing “re-certification” and may no longer be available or have the energy star logo on the box.

With all the new changes and guidelines being implemented, we expect to see a further increase and effort being put into the more efficient LED technology. Make sure to check in with us for the most recent news, info, updates, and product info. Call us for any questions you may have – Priority Lighting, “For all your lighting needs”