When self-storage owners think about security at their facilities, they often think of their use of security systems, use of surveillance cameras, and security officers. We would recommend all these vehicles, however there’s a fundamental component that should certainly take precedence: the facility’s lighting. Ample amounts lighting are needed, not only to appeal potential customers, but to prevent accidents and discourage criminal activity. A well-lit facility is critical to its security and safety. Lighting is such a important piece of the security puzzle. People distrust the dark – and for good reason! We feel unsafe in dark spaces. Well lit spaces make us feel secure in a particular place. Having plenty of illumination is a key factor when individuals are selecting one self -storage location above another. Your facility’s nighttime lighting may either attract customers or drive them away. Storage facilities also require sufficient lighting to prevent falls and injuries. An inadequately illuminated facility is unsafe. Low visibility transforms normal pathways into tripping hazards and your parking lots into danger zones. Not only do you absolutely need a sufficient amount of lighting, but your lighting fixtures should be positioned so they generate an even level of light throughout. Otherwise, bright sections of light with dark areas in between will create night blindness. Great lighting allows you to get the most out of security cameras and deters criminal activity. Many cameras tend to be ineffective in areas of minimal or zero lighting. Videos can become grainy, making it difficult or impossible to see specifics like a car’s make and model, or a license plate. In the event that there’s an incident at your facility, you want to be able to capture all of it. You could spend twice as much for infrared surveillance cameras or you can simply use exterior lighting to support standard cameras. If you employ security guards on your team, effective lighting can make their work much easier. You want them to see and to be seen. Having visible staff members will go a long way toward deterring criminal opportunists. Priority Lighting is a national lighting supplier, specializing in self-storage facilities. Whether your facility is under construction or needs updating and retrofitting, we can help! Not only are we a supplier of LED lighting and fixtures, we can help you design and plan for your particular facility- maximizing the illumination and your energy savings!