In 2017, we have seen a surge of some very cool and unique lighting ideas coming to the ever changing lighting industry. If you have ever seen the movie “Tron”, you may be a fan of some of the new styles – of course, there is always the more subtle approach comprising of the new warm dim tape lighting (which gets warmer as you dim it).

Many of these applications, you can have lighting running in a pattern recessed into the wall, overhanging (free floating or cantilevering) out of the ceiling, or back lit into a cove and not even notice it’s there. Priority Lighting has been involved with not only the design and application of these fixtures, but also making sure they produce sufficient light or on the opposite end, the proper ambient light.

There are many, many products very similar to these that are quickly hitting and flooding the market. Some do not dim, some will have little to no warranty, others will not work for the application, have diode spotting, or work anywhere that water is present. Do your research before you buy or take the guess work out of it and give us a call.

The “tape light” products are often sold in 16' spools with a sticky side backing. These “cheap” imitation spools are not always the best way to go as the lower quality tape light may suffer from a few different limitations. One limitation of note is that they are often restricted to a maximum run length of 16 feet, at which point you will require another “driver” to power any additional length. On top of that, the “cheap” alternatives may not be compatible with or fit into an aluminum channel (which you don’t always need), or be wet location rated (only an issue with outdoor runs or in bathrooms).

There are now 100’s of types of tape lights and channels that are available with various wattage selections, kelvin temperatures and smart lighting with color changing features. Not to mention the ability to have a single run lengths of over 40' per driver.

If you have any questions, need help with a layout, in the design/concept phase, or just wanting quality service and pricing, be sure to give us a call first.

Below are some examples of products and projects we have completed.

Closet Rod by LumenTruss.

This Linear Light by Alloy welcomes you to the inside of your closet.

Vector Light by Deco Hello Retail!

Color changing Lighting by Alloy.

Getting wild lighting with Ankr at the Priority Lighting home office.

Don’t forget to call us for your free consultation and layout request – we have a team that comprises of engineers being able to bring your ideas to light… Making your concept a reality.