You may want to think twice before ordering “the cheap stuff” from an unverified source or a non Lighting Facts/Energy Star Partner. We get more calls than we like with stories from customers – please help me; my new LED lights have burned out early, they weren’t what we wanted, I can’t get a hold of them any longer, etc. If you are planning on applying for rebates with a government or local rebate program to subsidize costs of your lighting projects, there is a very strong chance that the LED products need to be DLC listed.

The following article appeared in the latest DLC Industry Update newsletter to industry stakeholders:

“DLC De-lists 1,220 Products Due to Misrepresentation. The DesignLights Consortium™ program trademarks are assets to the DLC, its members and stakeholders. The DLC has been taking steps to protect the integrity of the program and the qualified products associated with the program to maintain that value in the public domain. Ensuring compliance with DLC guidelines and policies is paramount to protect all stakeholders’ investments and consumer confidence in the DLC brand.

It has come to our attention that 49 manufacturers have misrepresented the nature of their products to the DLC during the application process and were able to obtain DLC qualification for products that employ screw bases. Under current requirements, the DLC specifically excludes products that employ screw bases from qualification. As a result, approximately 1,220 products are being removed from the following categories over the next few weeks: Retrofit Kits for Outdoor Pole/Arm Mounted Area and Roadway Luminaires, Retrofit Kits for Parking Garage Luminaires, and Retrofit Kits for Fuel Pump Canopy Luminaires. Manufacturers of these products will face a 2-month suspension from submitting new applications to the DLC. In addition, all current applications by these manufacturers will be suspended for 2 months.”

For more information on DLC eligibility requirements and guidelines, please visit our website and FAQs page. For any additional questions on eligibility, please contact

Below is a list of those manufacturers who appear in the de-listed database so far this month. There may be more coming, so we’ll check back in a couple of days to see if the list has grown. Many of these companies appear to have been using screw-in LED lamps in HID or fluorescent fixture housings to qualify for the DLC QLP. Applications include pole mount and parking garage exterior fixtures and some refrigerated display case lights. Similar to the regulations written around compact fluorescent replacement lamps for incandescents, utilities do not want to provide incentives for technologies that can be easily circumvented by the end-user after the installation has been performed and the rebate collected. For this reason, DLC does not approve and list these types of fixtures. It appears that some manufacturers have been able to slip through the cracks, hence the need for the steps taken by DLC. There also appears to be one instance where a manufacturer submitted an industrial fixture into the outdoor pole mounted category to get onto the qualified list. Manufacturers de-listed this July, as of 7/18/15:

All Green




Crouse Hinds


Source One

LEDsion Lighting

Horizon Lighting

Ecomax Lighting

Bravo Lighting



Krut Systems

InLine Electrical Resources


Sloan LED

ABB Lighting

(PL/PQL/DLC Source*)

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